Learn how to tile with our ‘How To Tile’ Videos

How to tile a wall

Although it may look difficult, tiling a wall is fairly simple if you’ve prepared yourself, the tools and tiling materials beforehand. View the video below to find out how the professionals tile a wall and you’ll be on the way to getting a great looking tiled kitchen!

How to tile a wall with large format tiles

Although tiling a wall with large format tiles isn’t that dissimilar to using regular tiles, it does take a slight different approach. If you’ve got yourself prepared beforehand then you can achieve a great looking effect in a relatively short amount of time. However it is easier to notice tiling mistakes easier with large format tiles, so watch our video to see how the professionals tile with large format tiles to make sure that your efforts look just as good as theirs!

How to level a floor before beginning tiling

Tiling a floor can give a great look to any kitchen but floors can be uneven and wobbly, to tile on top of an unprepared floor surface can end up with the tiles looking a mess. Watch this video to see how to achieve the perfect flat and even floor surface before you begin to lay down your tiles. It may add a little more time to your project but the results will definitely be worth the extra effort.

How to tile a floor

Tiling a floor takes a different approach, different tools and different adhesives to tiling a wall. Watch our video to learn how to achieve a great looking kitchen floor by seeing how the professionals do it. If you copy their steps then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how well your own efforts can look.

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