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*Free delivery on Wall and Mosaic orders over £100.00 and Floor Tile orders over £250.00

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Filasatin – Satin Wax For Stone


Product Code: FCH0260A.
Ranges:Tile Cleaning and Maintenance, .


Satin-effect protective wax

What’s it for

  • Protects unpolished natural stone (limestone, sandstone, slate, etc.) Vitrified quarry tiles and various types of terracotta.
  • Ideal both for treatment and maintenance.


  • The product is self-polishing, but can also be polished to restore or increase shine.
  • A 3-in-one solution: protects, maintains and gives floors an excellent finish.
  • Original new satin look.
  • Ideal to create prestigious floors: enhances the beauty of the surface.
  • Easy to apply and maximum coverage.
  • Does not degenerate with maintenance.

Ideal for

  • Terracotta
  • Quarry tiles
  • Unpolished stone and agglomerates

Method of use

Dilution: either undiluted or diluted according to requirements.

Using a cloth or other applicator, apply an even layer of the product onto a clean dry floor surface. After one hour, apply a second coat at right-angles to the first. The floor is ready to walk on after about half-an-hour. For better sheen, buff with a floor polisher or a wool cloth.

An initial protection coat of filafob water-repellent protector is recommended on highly absorbent terracotta and stone (such as limestone, sandstone and travertine) or filaw68.For maintenance:restoring sheen (every 2-3 months):after cleaning the surface with a diluted solution of filacleaner (1:200), apply filasatin diluting 500 ml of product in 5 litres of water. For greater shine, wait till floor is dry (after about 1 hour) and buff with a wool cloth or floor polisher.Restoring protection (once a year):apply undiluted wax with a cloth, fleece pad or other applicator. Buff the surface when it is dry (after about 1 hour).


With one litre:

  • Terracotta 30 m2
  • Stone 30/40 m2

Please note

Not recommended for use on outdoor surfaces or in damp environments and where water remains (bathrooms, showers).

Only £12 delivery on all tile cleaning and maintenance!

Can be used in all domestic wall tile applications - including bathrooms

Additional information